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Balance and Rejuvenate

My name is Angela Cicioni.  I started studying the healing arts in and effort to heal myself, get in touch with my soul and find purposeful direction. In the ways in which the world works, I was presented with Shiatsu a number of times.  Learning to listen, I heard, this is a path that would be beneficial to follow. Not only for myself but for the people I come in contact with as well.

Shiatsu, meaning "finger pressure" is the practice of assisting energy or "Qi" through the body using finger or palm pressure along the meridians to restore balance. Often elbows, forearms, and feet may be used by the practitioner for a deeper or different effect. Rocking and stretching are common within a treatment.  The meridians or "energy pathways" are connected with the essence, quality and function of the organs. When there is an imbalance with in this system, a person may experience discomfort physically, emotionally or spiritually. A Shiatsu treatment can help to restore balance and has been known to relieve pain, aid in sleep, increase emotional stability, lower heart rates and relieve stress. 

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